Talk to Administrators

Every school has different rules and procedures for students clubs and organizations. Find out what rules govern yours. Then talk to the administrators and make your pitch to establish a Linux club at your school.

You are likely to encounter administrators who have no idea what Linux is. We certainly did! A big part of the “sell” to your administration will probably be that you will be introducing your students to something that other schools are NOT doing, which will help to make your school unique.

Another part of your “sales pitch” could be that by having students using Linux and open source software, they will be exposed to software that has taken over large parts of the technology world. Most of the internet, cloud computing, software as a service (SAAS), embedded devices, and mobile computing are powered by Linux. Why shouldn’t students learn how to use it?

And, of course, a big part of the pitch would be that all of this can happen at little or no cost to the school. The software costs nothing, and you can pick up used computers cheaply or free. Your school’s I T department may even have recently retired computers that you could take off of their hands.

Have a few ideas in mind for when you meet your school’s administrators:

Here is a GREAT clip from one of our students explaining all of the reasons a school should start a Linux club. You may want to share this clip with your administrators.

Because many administrators want to have more opportunities for students and lack staff who will volunteer to provide them, you may provide your administration with something they need.