Purpose and Need

Assuming you want to take your newfound desire to spread Linux into school and get kids involved, you have to determine the purpose of your school’s Linux club.

We discovered a club can have more than one purpose, and having more than one purpose worked well for us. As I see it, a school-based Linux club can have a few possible purposes:

Of course, doing all of them is certainly a viable choice, and that eventually became the choice we made, but we started off just having fun. The other bits came later.

How about you? What type of club is needed at your school? Do you want to give kids an opportunity to learn new things and have fun? Do your classrooms need more computers than your school can provide? Does your school have a Digital Divide with families who need computers but cannot afford them? 

Identify the need and the purpose for your group to get started, and be open to your purpose growing as you go along.